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[at-l] Re: vcard.vcf

>         How about NOT attaching that "vcard.vcf" to every post to the AT-l
> & AT-ml?  At 25 copies, I've gotten enough.

Hi gang;

	One of our gang sent me this message about my use of vcard. I don't
post to the at-ml but vcard
and signatures must be of concern there too. Vcard is nice and pretty if
you are using Netscape for mail. But if you are using some other mailers
especially a strictly text based ones you will see several lines of
text. This and other large signature messages with text art, slogans etc
are aparently anoying to some people. I have no problem overlooking this
stuff myself. Maybe some folks still do not have unlimited internet time
and do not want the extra baggage? Sooo gang what do you want...I think
we are a democracy here,  of course President Ryan has a powerful line
item veto! he he

Merry Christmas

begin:          vcard
fn:             Charles W. Davidson
n:              Davidson;Charles W.
email;internet: wb4pan@mindspring.com
x-mozilla-cpt:  ;0
x-mozilla-html: FALSE
end:            vcard