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[at-l] The Steps

Scott Hoffman wrote:
>Recently, there was a post about the famous "steps" in the part of the
>Link Trail. (they hope it will reach the AT,someday) What I'm writing
>about is KTA's plan to "GIVE" all the land that they will buy to the
>state.(PA) If this state doesn't tax us to death as it is, here comes
>along a group who is raising money to buy the land to be given away!
>What hogwash! When is the last time you heard of anyone giving land away
>(for free) to a state? I know this is a famous and historical place but
>I think someone needs to get a life and wake up to reality! I know I'm
>going to get flame mail from those in the KTA who think this is a great
>ideal but I don't.
>Mother Natures Son

Scott -

No flames - just a couple things you might have overlooked -

1.  Take a look at at-l #485 - just three posts before yours was one about
Sterling Forest.  They may have "Foundations"  involved with that one, but
it's exactly the same deal.

2. There are still a lot of people who think that having the land
"protected" by the state (either State or federal) is good.  I don't, but
nobody's listening, so eventually we're all gonna have to deal with the
Geat Smoky Mountain National Police State mentality.  But that's a problem
for another day.

3.  A lot of the AT came into being by the same process tha you're
objecting to.  Except for those parts where they just used eminent domain,
but don't get me started on that.

4.  Most of the State Forest land and a lot of the Gamelands in PA were
acquired in exactly the same way - although not with KTA help.  And that's
where most of the 2,000 miles of Pennsylvania hiking trails are located.

5.  If KTA kept the land, who's gonna pay the taxes on it?  Worse - it
would leave KTA vulnerable to lawsuits and thereby jeopardize the entire

6.  If KTA doesn't do this - what's gonna happen to the land?  Answer -
it'll be developed.  That's not a guess - just fact.  The steps might
survive (or they might not), but someone else would own them and control
access to them.  But the Link Trail wouldn't survive - and we've just spent
the last 4 years getting it opened again.

7. The Link doesn't have anything to do with the AT.  It connects the
Tuscarora/Big Blue and Mid State Trails.  Those who think the rocks on the
AT are bad probably wouldn't want to even try the Link.

This is the first time KTA has ever gotten involved in land acquisition
this way.  Depending on the outcome of this deal, it may or may not be the
last.  Nobody ever said the land acquisition process was pretty - or even

In any case, if you want to find out what KTA is about (other than the odd
land acquisition mess) take a look at URL:
You can consider this a personal invite to come out with us on some of the
98 Trailcare projects.   The schedule is on the KTA homepage although it
hasn't been updated for 98 yet.

Otherwise we'll see you at the Gathering next year.  Tell Angel Eyes we
said hi.

Walk softly,
Jim & Ginny
Bald Eagle & Spirit Walker, 92

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