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Re: [at-l] The Steps

> What I'm writing about is KTA's plan to "GIVE" all the land that they will
> buy to the state.(PA) If this state doesn't tax us to death as it is, here
> comes along a group who is raising money to buy the land to be given away!
> What hogwash! When is the last time you heard of anyone giving land away
> (for free) to a state?

	Oh,... daily.  Ever heard of Baxter State Park?  Do you know how
Maine acquired it from Baxter?

> I know this is a famous and historical place but I think someone needs to
> get a life and wake up to reality! I know I'm going to get flame mail from
> those in the KTA who think this is a great ideal but I don't.
> Mother Natures Son

	You should change your trailname to "Stinking Capitalist Pig."

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