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[at-l] 98 thruhikers Get together at Harpers Ferry??

Last year about this time we started talking about having a one day
"Thruhikers Get Together" at Harpers Ferry for those who live in the MD,
VA, DC, PA area.  It happened near the end of January and a number of
the 97 thruhikers showed up for it. We met at ATC HQ on Saturday morning
and talked Trail, weighed everyones packs, ate and talked Trail some
more. Then we went to Hilltop House, talked some more, showed some
slides, talked Trail some more, ate some more and then on Sunday morning
some of us went for a short hike on the AT and then talked and ate some
more. Solophile, Marty, Chase, Raven, Phil Romans, Sandra Downs, Firefly
(96) and Sedona were all there, along with about 8 or 10 others. 
Typical thruhiker stuff.  We all had a good time and the '97 hikers
learned a little more about thruhiking.  

Now comes the question - is there any interest among past and future
thruhikers in doing the same thing this year?  We've already determined
that we'd need to meet someplace other than ATC HQ (maybe Bears Den or 
the HF hostel), and if it's gonna happen we need to start
thinking about where and when.  

If there's no interest then we'll drop it right here because we're
already overloaded. But if there's any interest at all, we'll make the
time to make it happen.  

Comments??  Questions???  Reactions??? 

Walk softly, 
Jim & Ginny Owen
Bald Eagle, AT-92  
& Spirit Walker, AT-88 & 92

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