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Re: [at-l] boot question

running man you wrote:

>one quick question about boots for a thru-hike.  are the asolo 
>good enough?  is anything else heavier duty too much?  the reason that 
>ask is i have found a really good deal on the globalines and might pick
>them up if they would work.

I used asolo boots (AFX 530) on my 1995 thru hike and they worked fine.  
I sent them to get resoled in Delaware Water Gap and then hiked in a 
pair of Hi-Tec's until I got my boots back in Hanover, NH.  The most 
important thing about footwear should be the fit.  People have hiked the 
AT in everything from keds (Grandma Gatewood) to heavy duty limmers.  If 
you are going to carry a relatively moderate pack weight of say 35-45 
lbs then the Asolo Globalines, if they fit you well, will work fine.  
Don't settle for a moderately good fit just because the boot is on sale.  
This is one area where fit is most important.  

Keep on Keepin' on!

p.s.  I started my hike wearing a size 9 1/2 and now two years later I 
still wear a size 10 1/2.  

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