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RE: [at-l] boot question

Hi all,

I was recently in REI and heard some disheartening things about the Asolo
Globaline series. Being initially attracted to it's high tech/cutting edge
looks, I discovered that these boots generally "fall apart" after moderate
use. Something as demanding and consistent as a thru-hike will surely leave
you cursing Asolo if the footwear crew @ REI proves correct.  I've been told
to pursue unistitch construction and by all means, try on as many pair as
possible (different brands too) to compare and contrast.  A few bucks saved
won't feel too good when you're hobbling on bad wheels on a demanding
incline somewhere in Virginia. Leave the Asolos for the urban fashionable
and put your trust in the advice of those who fit you. I've got a pair of
goretex Lowa Trekkers and they're a slice of heaven.  My $.02.

GA -->ME '98

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> hello-
> one quick question about boots for a thru-hike.  are the asolo globalines
> good enough?  is anything else heavier duty too much?  the reason that i
> ask is i have found a really good deal on the globalines and might pick
> them up if they would work.
> thanks  
> running man
> (statonti@martin.luther.edu)
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