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[at-l] Great News on Sterling Forest (copy 1 of 3) (fwd)

Inasmuch as this affects both the right of way and the viewshed of the
AT, I thought this would be of interest to the folks on this list

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> The NY Times reports (12/10, page B2) a gift of $5 million from the Doris
> Duke Foundation towards the purchase of Sterling Forest.  This completes
> the $55 million needed to purchase the 17,000 acres in February.  While
> 'it ain't over till its over' (and some land is not yet included in the
> initial
> purchase agreement), we can all take pride in the efforts of so many people
> who have been involved in this preservation effort over the last decade.
> Thanks to all our partners - the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, the
> Open Space Institute, the Trust for Public Land, the Public-Private
> Partnership,
> our NY and NJ Governors and Congressional and MANY MANY others who 
> played significant roles in making this happen.... especially in the beginning
> when no one wanted to listen or thought it would ever happen.
> The NY-NJ Trail Conference, its members, member clubs, board and staff
> all deserve to take pride in the results but a special thanks to NYNJTC 
> Executive Director JoAnn Dolan and her husband Paul who were just 
> about the first proponents of the SF effort and kept up the pressure and added
> creativity for so many years.
> Soon, it will be "lets take a hike" --- in Sterling Forest State Park!
> H. Neil Zimmerman, President
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