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[at-l] ATML Platypus "bottles"

> Well, I put the platypus bottle in my "pillow cover" the reversable bag
> with soft fabric inside
>  and low and behold, a great head rest while sleeping !
>  A water pillow, felt great...  Tom 'hikenet' Caggiano

The Sunday night before a 20 mile day on the Colorado Trail, I filled my
platy bag and put it in my day pack (so I could get an early start on the
20 mile day).  While looking for something in the pack, I loosened the
valve a little and wound up with a huge puddle in my tent....that,
coupled with two nights of heavy rain, kept me pretty wet until
Wednesday, when the sun was finally out enough to dry my stuff
again...Everyone else enjoyed the fact that I didn't have enough water
outside the tent so I supplemented by adding water inside the tent....
I love my platy bag and always use it when hiking... but I never keep a
filled platy bag inside the tent (I drink from the water bottles if I
need it during the night).   I would not try using it for a pillow!
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