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Re: [at-l] Sarcasm and sense

>I'm not sure what prompted the change in subject line to "Sarcasm and
sense" but I wish we could have a dialogue on an issue where people
can feel free to dissent without sounding mean.  I, for one, don't
expect (or want) everyone to agree with me, but Jeez, why do some feel
the need to attack on a personal basis.
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Hi Gang,

It is cold with the chance of freezing rain today, so instead of being
bummed out by the weather I thought that I should put in my $0.02
worth.  Recently some of the post to the lists have elicited some less
than kind responses.  Yeah, we all know Felix's tongue is firmly
planted in his cheek, but sometimes interesting issues are brought up
for discussion and we should encourage open discussions about these
items.  Many of us are not very articulate especially when sitting in
front of a computer.  I therefore would like to preach a little
tolerance and respect for you fellow (ladies, I am sorry about the
gender specific term) hikers.

Bob Dudley
Grey Owl

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