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Re: [at-l] Sarcasm and sense

In a message dated 97-12-09 03:49:49 EST, ga_to_me98@hotmail.com writes:

<< I'm sorry, but lately I have seen the commercialization of Christmas
 and images of daily plenty of American life scream at me and I thought
 I was able to offer something good. If not, then I'll find out in due
 time. Meanwhile, I will take a good look at the idea I have pitched
 and try and improve it to include the country stores along the way.
 Would that help all that are involved more?    >>

John, your idea has merit, and I wasn't trying to squash your ideas - but only
to respond from my point of view.  I think that's what a list such as this is
good for - to exchange ideas with people we would otherwise never know or have
contact with.  You are correct about the choices one has at the small stores -
you usually take the brand and flavor they have on hand.  The traffic in
small, out of the way places wouldn't make any sense for them to carry a large

In my other life I shop almost daily at Whole Foods and buy mostly organic
products.  I boycott nearly all food products which are owned by tobacco
companies, including Kraft.  On the trail, however, I enjoyed the friendliness
I found in the smaller businesses and tried hard not to re-create my life here
at home.

I'm not sure what prompted the change in subject line to "Sarcasm and sense"
but I wish we could have a dialogue on an issue where people can feel free to
dissent without sounding mean.  I, for one, don't expect (or want) everyone to
agree with me, but Jeez, why do some feel the need to attack on a personal

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