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Re: [at-l] Sarcasm and sense

Richard Lubitz writes:

>If you could get some supermarket managers interested in a plan
>such as this you could underwrite the shuttle service.  for
>example, there is a supermarket a few miles (too many to hike)
>down route 23 from where the AT hits that road at High Point, NJ
>If the manager could be convinced to have a shuttle vehicle there
>at say 10 AM and return after an hour at the store he would get 
>all the thru hikers to shop his store.  I do not know if there is
>enough profit margin to do this but I would imagine hikers may be
>willing to shell out a couple of dollars to shop a large supermarket
>rather than a country store who's only attraction is proximity to the
>trail rather than the selection at a big market.
>Next we'll convince Campmor to run a shuttle from where the AT crosses
>Route 17 since it is only 1/2 to 3/4 hour ride from there.  When they 
>are not looking you can sneak next door to the EMS store.
>As I did last year, I will post just before season my contact # for an
>emergency bailout in the NY/NJ area.
>happy trails,

At first I read this and thought he was more a capitalist than me.
Then I saw the point. Well, if we don't talk about it it will
be a situation that either dies of its own accord or gets annoyingly
gross as more hikers flock to the AT in search of something more
than a vacation and exploration. A few kind words to all that read this 
thread and are entertained or interested. Otherwise, put my 
address in you kill file. Please. 

I think what I want to convey is that hiking is individualistic
and not going to be transformed into a hard and fast system. Some
in ATL have suggested the fall of the mom and pops food stores with
advent of a system that gets hikers food they want. Only if these
stores can not stock food hikers want. I have said it before and say
it again, the hike becomes a quest for food. Enter someone who can 
get the hikers the food they want. Mom and pops stores can work with me 
on this if they want. The question is, who really cares?  If a hiker 
wants quinoa grain or brown rice or soy milk or sugar-free
food substances for a diet, either a hitch to a Whole Foods grocer
or a maildrop will have to take place. Yeah sure, I admit it, most 
hikers like tuna and mac and a can of cola, but how many like 
Amy's entrees or  a  veggie burger? Not many I guess, but those are 
the ones I identify with. Those are the hikers that have alot of trouble 
with food resupplying and find difficulty making others
understand that their diets are important and not bizarre. I'm talking
a specific need there. 

I'm sorry, but lately I have seen the commercialization of Christmas
and images of daily plenty of American life scream at me and I thought
I was able to offer something good. If not, then I'll find out in due
time. Meanwhile, I will take a good look at the idea I have pitched
and try and improve it to include the country stores along the way.
Would that help all that are involved more?    John 

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