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[at-l] Can't Find Your Web Site

     Can't find your web site?
     Uplink will post your site to 50 search engines for $89. 
     We guarantee your satisfaction, or you pay nothing!

Millions of people every day use search engines to find web sites.
Uplink makes your site easier to find by posting it to the top 50 search engines.

Here's how it works:

1.  Fill out the form below, and return it to us.

2.  We'll post your site to the top 50 search engines within two business days and send 
you a full promotion report.

3.  Pay nothing now.  We'll send you a bill for $89 with the promotion report.  If you're 
not completely happy, simply write "cancel" on the bill, and you'll owe nothing.


Here's the list of top search engines to which we'll post your site:

Alta Vista, Excite, Galaxy, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, Open Text Web Index,
Web Crawler, BizWeb, New Riders WWW Yellow Pages, LinkMonster, True North, 
Northern Light, YelloWWWeb, The Weekly Bookmark, The Galactic Galaxy, TurnPike,
Unlock:The Information Exchange, Your WebScout, Manufacturers Information
Network, Net Happenings, Net Mall, Web World  Internet Directory, WebVenture
Hotlist, What's New, WhatUSeek, JumpLink, Linkcentre Directory, InfoSpace, Jayde
Online Directory, BC Internet, BizCardz Business Directory, Net-Announce, New Page
ListOne World Plaza, PageHost A-Z, PeekABoo, Project Cool, Scrub The Web, Seven
Wonders, Sserv, Starting Point, Web 100, Web Walker, Where2Go, World Wide Business
Yellow Pages, Wow! Web Wonders!, WWW Worm, JumpCity.


Hit the REPLY button on your e-mail program and fill out the following information.
 (This information will be posted to the search engines/indexes):

URL:  http://
Site Title: 
Description (250 characters): 

Key words (250 characters, in descending order of importance):

Your name: 
Company Name:
City:              State/Prov:     Zip/Postal Code: 
Email address: 

Contact e-mail address (in case we have questions about this order): 

If  billing a different address, please complete the following:

Company Name:
City:              State/Prov:     Zip/Postal Code: 
Email address: 


Terms are net 15 days from date of invoice.

Uplink, Inc.
39B Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 06811
Phone: (203) 791-7351
Fax:     (203) 790-6407
E-mail: up@uplinkpro.com
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