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Re: [at-l] New hiker services for '98 season

If you could get some supermarket managers interested in a plan
such as this you could underwrite the shuttle service.  for
example, there is a supermarket a few miles (too many to hike)
down route 23 from where the AT hits that road at High Point, NJ
If the manager could be convinced to have a shuttle vehicle there
at say 10 AM and return after an hour at the store he would get 
all the thru hikers to shop his store.  I do not know if there is
enough profit margin to do this but I would imagine hikers may be
willing to shell out a couple of dollars to shop a large supermarket
rather than a country store who's only attraction is proximity to the
trail rather than the selection at a big market.

Next we'll convince Campmor to run a shuttle from where the AT crosses
Route 17 since it is only 1/2 to 3/4 hour ride from there.  When they 
are not looking you can sneak next door to the EMS store.

As I did last year, I will post just before season my contact # for an
emergency bailout in the NY/NJ area.

happy trails,
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