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Re: [at-l] hello from a semi-novice

>I just found this newsgroup while searching for basic information on teh AT.
>i have done some backpacking and camping before but never for an extended
>period of time.  Well, the point is i start medical school next year and
>have decided that there would be nothing better to prepare my mind and no
>better way to spend a month or so of my summer than to hike the AT from
>somewehre in NY north to New Hampshire or where ever i end up.  Any general
>advice, where to get maps, interesting stories, or suggestions will be more
>than welcome.
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Welcome, Benjamin!

THere are tons of resourses available to you, some on line (and other folks
on the list can give you better details than I on those) and some not.  One
great thing to do is just keep reading this list for a while and ask a few
questions.  One thing leads to another and soon you will feel a member of
the family.  I happen to have done the sections you describe up to The Inn
at Long Trail in Vermont sort of a week at a time.  My favorite part of the
the sections I've hiked so far is between Salisbury CT and Mt Everett in
MA.  Not too tough, nice shelters and campsites, beautiful views, etc.

The trail guides that you find at places like EMS are a great start and
will tell you a lot about the trail, although not necessarily about the

Anyway, keep reading and you'll learn tons!!

Have fun

Sharon Sharpe
Head Athletic Trainer
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA

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