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Re: [at-l] Re: CD ROM Map Software

cosmo catalano, jr. wrote:
> Not a strictly AT question, but I'd rather not wade thru rec.backcountry....
> Anyone out there tried, or have opinions on, any of the CD ROM map software
> (Trail Master, etc.)?  It's Chirstmas, and I already carry too much stuff.
> Yes I've got a tent, and I rather use it than sardine into a shelter with a
> bunch 'o smelly, pot smoking, bean eating, evil teenage, scout hikers.;)>
> I'm posting to both lists, apologies.
> Congrats on the 1 year anniversary WF.  I can't believe this list is that
> young and this useful and fun.
> Thanks,
> Cosmo

I have Trail Master from Geotrek.  It is fun and nice to use.   The maps
are pretty accurate but the thing I like best is helping with trail
palnning, towns in a specific area.  to view it is fun.    
as far as I know it is only for the New england area and they are
working on a program for the whole trail and the adironadaks. I don't
know when it will be ready.



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