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Re: [at-l] New hiker services for '98 season

John Ungaretta wrote:
> Hello to all on the AT-L group. I have a new page
> giving a brief description of a support service
> I am offering for the 1998 hiking season. It can be
> viewed at:
>       http://www.angelfire.com/biz/AppalachianTrail
> I hope to hear your comments and maybe some inquiries of
> interest.   John
The resupply service sounds interesting.  Will this just be in NC?  I'm
curious about the arrangements -- will you pre-arrange shopping lists
with hikers, or meet at the trailheads with a "mobile grocery store"? 
This would be a great service for us section hikers who don't have the
time to go into trail towns when they aren't really close to the trail. 
(When I've only got a week to hike, I don't like to spend the better
part of a day getting into town and back.)

Big Blue Frog
...one section at a time...
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