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Re: [at-l] 2 Cheryls

>Just thought I'd let the list subscribers know that there are 2 of us
>out here. I'm Cheryl of "Ron & Cheryl" in Mass. The other Cheryl posted
>the trip report about having to cut her trip short. I've received some
>emails from people who think that I'm her (I think). 
Acch!!  I am one of those people.  So Cheryl of 'Ron & Cheryl' is Cheryl number
? and the other Cheryl is ?  This is so damn confusing :-)

So this is for the Cheryl who did not have a lot of fun on her recent hike.  I
loved the trip report, it sounds like some of my diasters.  We learn from our
mistakes.  As to those people who flamed you...  They can fall into three

a:  Those who have never hiked
b:  Those who are full of themselves
c:  Those who have nothing better to do.

Keep hiking

Bob Dudley
Grey Owl

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