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[at-l] thanks

>   Thanks everyone for the  feetback about my hike. Most people ignored it and
> I got one positive response and the rest ripped me too shreds. See if I share
> anything with you all again.
>                 Cheryl

Cheryl - 
I don't know who flamed you, but I'll tell you publicly that flames
weren't an appropriate response to your post. You're not the only one to
ever bail out on a hike - and you won't be the last.  if you go back to
th at-l archives for July 96 I think you'll find a post from me about a
trip on the Donut Hole.  We bailed out on that one and I won't apologize
for that - and you have nothing to apologize for either.  We also bailed
oout 3 days early on the CDT laast August - it was better than spending
a couple weeks in a hospital. There comes a time for ALL of us when it's
time to cut our losses and go home so we can try another day. Some
people haven't learned that yet.  

You learned a couple things - how many of the flamers learned anything
from your post? Don't worry about them - you're way ahead of them.  

Walk softly,

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