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[at-l] Conn. Hunting Season

Ron & a friend did the section from Cornwall Bridge, Rt. 4 to Salisbury,
CT, Rt. 41 this past weekend. The trail and shelters were in good
condition. The section from Pine Swamp Brook Shelter to Belter's
Campsite  had 5 tree-stands right on the AT, some on trees right above
the trail, all within a 1/2 mile or so section. They saw 12 hunters,
most of them hiking on the AT, using it for travel. There were at least
2 who appeared to be actually hunting. I don't know who monitors the AT
corridor in this section and just how wide the trail corridor is, but I
thought it was at least 100 feet wide on each side of the trail. In any
case, these tree stands and hunters were right there on the trail,
within sight of the hikers. Anyone who knows who to contact about this
can email us directly or through the list. I know it's hunting season in
CT, but I thought the AT was protected by the corridor. Any info. will
be helpful.

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