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Re: [at-l] Peak 1 max stove or Gaz stoves

In a message dated 97-11-26 07:45:50 EST, you write:

 Does anyone have any experience with the Peak One (cartridge) max  or Gaz
 (butane) stoves.  I am looking for a easy to use and lightweight stove for
 primarily solo hiking.  
 Cheesyhiker >>

I have used the Gaz stove on many hikes.  It's great.  Starts fast, fuel is
very stable.  Look out if you choose to use the large cartridge, it is easy
to tip over due to the high center of gravity.  I also have used the Gaz
lantern.  It can burn for many nights on a large cartridge and will even
provide a little warmth.

The only trouble I've had with the Gaz stove was when the temp below 15
degrees.  In that case I had to preheat the burner with my lighter for about
30 seconds.  Once it got warm, the stove fired right up.
After the fact I got to thinking about it.  I should have thrown the burner
into my sleeping bag with me, along with my water (which was full of ice when
I got up).  I just don't like trusting lighters for more than a few seconds.

On another note, I now use a Zip wood burning stove for most of my trips.  No
worry about fuel or empty fuel cans.  Burns even damp wood (although you will
need some of your dry TP to get it going).  It's also very light.  The best
side effect is that you end up smelling like a camp fire.  And, unlike the
Gaz stove, you can keep feeding it wood to keep yourself warm and not have to
worry about running out of fuel.  It's lower profile is less likely to tip
over than the Gaz.

Good luck with your stove hunt...
Wayne Brown
Lakeland, FL
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