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Re: [at-l] Peak 1 max stove or Gaz stoves

In a message dated 97-11-26 07:45:48 EST, you write:

> Does anyone have any experience with the Peak One (cartridge) max  or Gaz
>  (butane) stoves.  I am looking for a easy to use and lightweight stove for
>  primarily solo hiking.  

I have one of the older Gaz stoves, the kind where the stove punctures the
cartridge and you do not remove the cartridge until it is empty.

There are problems with butane, or butane/propane mix, when the temperatures
get low.  I have used my stove down to about 10F and it still worked, but did
not burn as well as at warmer temperatures.  The problem is that the butane
liquifies and you lose gas pressure.  Warming the cannister with your hands

Butane is really convenient.  You just turn on the valve and light it up.
 Nothing to prime or pump or flare up.  

Butane is my fuel of choice for a trip of less than a week because of ease of
use.  However, if you are going to have to re-fuel along the way, you are
more likely to be able to find Coleman fuel, white gas.
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