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[at-l] Coolmax/Capilene/Synthetics and Odors

Somebody posted lately asking about odors in the Coolmax shirt.  I had a
similar problem with my Capilene lightweight t-shirts during my thru-hike
and the heat of summer.  Despite my best efforts at cleaning my shirts,
they would still have a faint odor to them as soon as I put them back on
and they reached body temperature.  I tried adding vinegar to the wash,
but that didn't seem to make all that much of a difference.  

I finally called Patagonia to see if there was any magic trick that I was
unaware of to cleaning these items and was informed that I should not be
putting my Capilene clothing in the dryer, not even at low heat.  Drying
these synthetics causes them to kind of  "melt around the odors".