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Re: [at-l] Re: ATML Peak 1 max stove or Gaz stoves

Kristin wrote:

"My apologies to those who get this more than once.  Yeah, I used the Gaz
stove on a recent hike I lead for "beginners."  Easy to use, most people
preferred it to the MSR Whisperlite I was also carrying.  Just like a
bunsen burner.  Don't know about cleaning or maintenance.  

-kristin  N3ZDF"

I have used the GAZ stove for years.  Since the canned gas has very few 
contaminants there is virtually no maintenance.  The only time I ever had
to clean the burner was when food was spilled on them.  It is much like
your gas stove at home, fuel is in a gaseous state at all times (except
while under pressure in the can) and does not have to go through the 
atomization and carbeuration (sp?) processes like a white gas stove does.
this is also why they are infinitely adjustable since you are adjusting 
the flow of the gas (state not substance) rather than the flow of a 

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