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All The Way
ps. very very cold here - no heat inside

Thursday 9/4Lakes of the Clouds to Osgood tentsite 10.0 miles

Hiked as absolutely far as I could today. Mt. Washington was
twenty-eight degrees, forty-five MPH winds with great gusts. Ice and
rain. Flying ice. Ice an inch or two thick on everything. Did some
hiking on all fours. Hard hard hard. I got lost on Washington - there
was suddenly less than two feet of visibility. Had a bad fall today.
Broke some ribs. Great pain to breathe, cough or laugh. Excruciating to
sneeze. As I was laying on the ground near Edmunds Col, in the sleet and
freezing rain with two broken ribs, I was literally dangling over the
edge of the precipice of my life. I met God there. He showed me that He
had brought me there. He also showed me how to get out of there alive,
and that He had a plan for my life and how I can survive that.. He told
me much about myself, about my relationship with Janice and my children.
He made me some promises. He has a plan that I can choose to follow or
not. It is a plan that He will empower me for, one that will require
great grace and humility. Something very new for me.
Had views from the Col and from Madison. God is a good God and I love
Him very much.
Gotta go with some pain... exhausted...

All The Way

Friday 9/5 Osgood Tentsite to Carter Notch Hut 10.7 miles

The sun is up, the sky is blue
Its beautiful, Jan so are you... won't you come out to play.
Wildcat Mountain has been the best of the Whites so far. Great views of
the Presidentials and more! Spoke with Jan today. Good knowing that she
is home. Heavily abuising Ibuprofin (vitamin I) for the ribs. (about six
or eight every three hours)

All The Way

Saturday 9/6 Carter Notch Hut to Gorham 15.2 miles

A long walk. Nice views coming out of the notch.

All The Way

Sunday 9/7 Gorham to Gentian Pond Shelter 11.8 miles

Much up today - not too difficult, just up. Talked for hours with Jan
last night and this morning. Here tonight with YAHOOLA!!!! Very very
encouraging. A real friend...

All The Way

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