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[at-l] ALDHA-West Update Website

For all who are interested in long distance hiking, take note.

Of interest to this years AT & PCT thru-hikers is an update on Namie 
"LetItBe" Bacile II progress. Namie started the AT last January and is 
currently on the PCT. If he completes it before the snow's too deep, he'll 
be the first to complete both major trails in the same year.  He's already 
hiked the AT and the CDT twice before. He'll also be the first to hike all 
three major trails three times.

After weeks in the works, the new American Long Distance Hiking Association 
- West (ALDHA-West) WebSite is online. In addition to new look we've added 
lots of additional content. New areas our online Journals Page to point to 
other LDH's Journals. A Perspectives page to give potential Distance Hikers 
a perspecitive on their journey ahead. On our Gazette page we will continue 
to post old articles from previous issues of the Gazette. A Trails Page 
links to a number National and Historic Trails.

Over the coming weeks we will continue up update the site with new content.




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