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Re: [at-l] coolmax

> Last summer I bought a coolmax shirt for hiking.  I thought about it this
> morning when I saw it in my closet and wonder if anyone else noticed the
> following phenomenon or is it just my body?
> It seems that it takes much longer than cotton for the shirt to get "ripe"
> but is seems that my body gets much "riper" than usual.  Is this normal?
> I know that the fabric does not absorb moisture and the accompanying smells 
> but if it wicks moisture away, shouldn't the body odor be wicked away also?
A friend of mine (Frosty of '95) found that his coolmax shirts reeked
horribly as soon as he put them on, so he decided to find a way to
permanently get rid of the smell.  His solution, as I recall, was to soak
the shirts in Woolite, then wash them (I think) with a bit of vinegar.
		Bacon Double Cheeseburger '97

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