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[at-l] All The Way's Journal 8/25 - 8/31

Monday 8/25 Hanover NH to Moose Mountain Shelter 10.6 miles

Still tired, but a nice walk anyway. Good footing, no rain. I lost my
Data Book at Velvet Rocks or in Hanover. I'm gonna try to get a
replacement tomorrow in Lyme.

 All The Way

Tuesday 8/26 Moose Mtn to the Firewardens Cabin 12.4 miles

A great day of hiking. Picked up my maildrop in Lyme Center - Went to
the regional ATC office in Lyme to get a new Data Book and they didn't
have a 1997 book in the office --AMAZING--!!! Nobody there could even
give me any information about the trail. They told me that they are an
administrative office. Now I know where my ATC dues go.
I called home but nobody was there.  Called my Mom & Pop and got to talk
to Phil. I'm very fatigued. The terrain is becoming interesting. Alone

 All The Way

Wednesday 8/27 the Firewardens Cabin to NH 25A 10.2 miles

An easy mileage in light rain with thunder in the distance. Eastman
Ledges and slab walking up Mt. Cube made for a short but interesting
day. I'm in the barn at the Mt. Cube sugar house, as a guest of Mrs.
Thompson a former First Lady of New Hapmshire. Glencliff tomorrow. The
trail is good...

 All The Way

Thursday 8/28 25A to Jeffers Brook Shelter 10.9 miles

Nice, very nice. I had to walk to and from the Sugar House, but it was
worth the four miles to have a dry place to sleep. I hiked with Brian
today. I'm going to leave my stuff here at the shelter and walk back to
the P.O. in Glencliff after they are done with their protracted lunch
break. White Blazes...

 All The Way

Friday 8/29 Jeffers Brook Shelter to Beaver Brook Shelter 6.8 miles

Easy day. Moosilauke gives a nice view as does this shelter. The clouds
were in and out today. good views, then visibility down to seventy-five
feet. (I think that I forgot to include weather data yeaterday - rain.)
My body feels much better after many easy days. I bought a new pair of
Solomon trail running shoes in Hanover. They are working very well - the
severe foot pain is gone, and they take some of the weight off of my
knees. I'm hoping for some good weather from here to Gorham! Have been
thinking about Jim & Ginny. I hope that their trip out west went well.
Miss my family. Loving the trail. Black Flies are bad here.
White Blazes... with a backpack...

 All The Way

Saturday 8/30 Beaver Brook to Eliza Brook Shelter 9.1 miles

Somewhat difficult but fantastic section. Nine miles in seven hours.
Slow but good.
Great waterfalls...

 All The Way

Sunday 8/31 Eliza Brook to Liberty Spring Tentsite 11.4 miles

Nice walk and scramble. Bivy in the rain. The trail is good...

 All The Way

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