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[at-l] All The Way's Journal 8/17 -

Sunday 8/17 Minerva Hinchey Shelter to Pico Camp 17.1 miles

Good hiking! Humid. Had to do the short scramble to Killington Peak, I
just couldn't miss that one.
I'm here tonite with a Vermont ridgerunner and aspiring thru-hiker
The trail is good... White Blazes...

All The Way

Monday 8/18 Pico Camp to The Inn at the Long Trail 2.5 miles

I had a very good night with Maggie, answering questions about
thru-hiking and sharing philosophies of life. An easy 2.5 down hill
after sleeping in. Meeting Jan hopefully.

All The Way

Tuesday 8/19 0.0 miles

A day off with Jan, Phil & Rachel. Life is good...

All The Way

Wednesday 8/20 Sherburn Pass to Stony Brook Shelter 7.6 miles

Late morning start after visiting with Jan, Phil & Rachel. It was really
good to see them, but
it was not a good time with Jan. Much pain. I was ready to quit and I
asked Jan to bring me
home, but she stuck to our agreement that we had before the hike started
that she wouldn't
get me before Katahdin. The degree to which I miss my family is a
significant issue in the hike
and in my life. In keeping a positive confession - The visit was good...
The trail is good...

All The Way

Thursday 8/21 Stony Brook Shelter to Wintturi Shelter 9.8 miles

Cold, cold heavy rain. Glad for the shelter. Significant recent trail
relocation in this area.

All The Way

Friday 8/22 Wintturi Shelter to Thistle Hill Shelter 11.8 miles

Morning rain. Hard day. Wet and sore. Here tonite with Keebler & Weeble.

Thunder storms tonight.

All The Way

Saturday 8/23 thistle Hill Shelter to Dartmouth College 14.3 miles

Very very tired. Good to be in New Hampshire. Morning rain. I met a
Southbounder named
Bobbie K a former SF / Airborne trooper. We spent the night swapping
stories of our service
and of our hikes. Called home.

All The Way

Sunday 8/24 Alfa Theta 0.0 miles

Exhausted. Feet hurt, knees hurt, shin splints, back hurts, mentally,
emotionally and spiritually
bankrupt. Need rest.

All The Way

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