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[at-l] Flu in the backcountry

I just had a new experience.  The flu, or something very flu-like, in the

I was backpacking alone, and so I got some "what if" questions from my
spouse.  When I go alone, I always go in pretty busy areas, and she already
knew the answer to the questions.  

I spent the better part of 48 hours inside my sleeping bag, with a few urgent
trips outside.  No one to fix me toast or tea, or to tuck me in.  Immodium
took care of the diarrhea.  I didn't have any of the pink stuff, and my
stomach was upset all of the time, and it didn't like water.

What I learned:  

-Take a look inside your first aid kit.  Take along enough Immodium and pink
stuff in solid form.  
-I was not strong enough to hike out the first 24 - 36 hours, certainly not
with my pack.  No one was expecting me.  If they were, I would have had to
snag some passing hiker and send out a message.

Well, anyway, another challenge confronted successfully.

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