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Re: [at-l] water bottles

I've been following the iodine controversy.  This may be of help.

The main problem with iodine at low temps is:

1) the colder the water, the lower the saturation level for any solute
     (the less iodine can mix with the water-- for non chemistry majors)
2) as anyone who likes sweetened iced tea can attest ;-),
     the colder the water, the longer it takes for the solute (iodine, or
     to dissolve.
*but*, enough iodine will dissolve, even at 0 degrees, to kill impurites in
the water that the main problem is allowing the iodine enough time to

therefore, IMHO, as long as you wait a full 20min or so, and shake
vigorously, low temperatures should not prevent you from using iodine to
purify your water.  I hope this clears up some confusion.


Natalie Nicholson
Physics and Astronomy
Univ. of Alabama
AT piece-by-piece in '98

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