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Re: [at-l] Re: Crampons and Pot

PaddyBeer@aol.com wrote:

> I beleive hat Mike hit it on the head:  Pot is illegal.  PERIOD.
> Concerning winter walking, anyone have a comparison between instep
> crampons
> and the "STABILIZERS"?  I just picked up a pair of the stabilizers and
> while
> I have never used the instep crampons, plan to use the stabilizers
> this
> weekend.  My hunch is that the stabilzers would be more appropriate
> for trail
> walking since they allow you to walk fairly normally.
> Anybody?

  Paddy Bear:

I asked the same question when I bought my instep crampons and the
person at REI who waited on me said the instep crampons were more
appropriate for the trail. He said he had both the Stablicers and the
insteps and his preference was the instep. I took his advice and wasn't
disappointed. He did say the Stablicers were good, however.

Peter H. Fornof

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