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[at-l] Re: heat packs

Campmor has both kinds of chemical heat packs, plus a hand warmer which 
burns some kind of solid fuel.  Most "outdoor" stores have them, especially 
those which sell hunting equipment.  I've also seen them in K and Wal Marts.

The single-use heat packs in my EMT kit came from Galyan's in Indianapolis, 
two for 79 cents.  They are about 2 x 3 x 1/8 inch, maybe 1.5 oz. each.

Label info:
Mfd. by Mycoal Warmers Co., ltd, Japan, for
Grabber Warmers
4600 Danvers SE
Grand Rapids MI 49512
(800) 423-1233

Directions for air-activated warmer:
1. Open package and expose to air. (No kneading or shaking required).
2. This warmer is meant to be used in an enclosed area such as a pocket or 
3. Heater will maintain a comfortable temperature at a minimum 104F (40C) 
   for 7 hours or more... Avg. temp. 135F (57C) - Max. temp. 156F (69C).
4. All natural ingredients [no plutonium!:-]... (Iron, water, cellulose, 
   vermiculite, activated carbon, salt).
(Warnings against making an ash of yourself, contraindicated for 

Lexan bottles full of hot water are great warmers, but these devices could 
be very nice inside wet boots in cold weather.

 --  Frank     reid@indiana.edu
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