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Re: [at-l] Re: heat packs

> What is the trade name for these?   Which ones heat the longest (brand name)
> and which brand is rechargable?  Thanks in advance

I do not know of brand names. I typically find the disposable ones at
the check out counters of hardware stores (Home Depot and Lowe's). I
understand that hunter supply shops have them, also.

The rechargeable ones are often corporate "treats" (I see them from
pharmaceutical companies from time-to-time). I would expect to see them
more in medical supply houses and physical therapy supply sources. When
discharges, they are typically a tough plastic bag full of a white
waxy-hard material. When boiled about 3 minutes, they become bags of
clear gel with a "coin" in them. Flex the coin through the bag - heat
happens for a couple of hours. These are impressive, but not as hot or
as long as the disposable guys.

I hope that helps.

Bill Thorneloe
Atlanta, GA
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