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Re: [at-l] drugs...

>Why, oh why do we have to go through this twice a year?
>3. The president did it, most cutting edge muscians did it (from '20's
>Jazz to '60's psychedlic to '70's country), Susan Molinari did it, George
>Washington and Thomas Jefferson even grew it (look it up, it's true). I
>did it. It falls into dealing with responsibility, if you are responsible
>it shouldn't be a problem, kinda like everything else in life.

Rationalizing pot smoking because Bill C. did it. Do you also not inhale?

> For the record, I smoked alot of pot in undergraduate school, am
graduating from
>Ga Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering with a 3.1 GPA. I made dean's
>list several times (5 or 6) and was president of my fraternity, all the
>while working and paying my way through school.

Good luck finding a job building bridges when you graduate - I hope you have
of drug tests.  Most companies require drug tests as a prerequisite to
hiring.  I also hope you plan to keep this to drug habit to after work.  I
don't want to be driving over any bridges that have been "creatively"

I personally believe that drugs should be legal, but bottom line is that
until the law is changed you can go to jail for smoking pot.  That is enough
deterrent for me.

Mike McCrary

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