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Re: [at-l] drugs...

Will Strickland wrote:
> Now, how about some facts (actually my opinions):
> When was the last time you ran into a law enf. officer in a shelter?
> When was the last time you saw a pot smoker get violent or disruptive
> (other than violently trying to open that bag of potato chips)?
> When was the last time you asked someone smoking pot to go somewhere else
> because the smell annoyed you? When was the last time they didn't happily
> comply?
> Will!

I ran into  rangers along the blue ridge section.  In NYS I ran into a
few in my time.  coffee, cigarettes, & soda are LEGAL.  That is the bind
for people who indulge.. I've been at shelters where people smoke pot. 
It has always made me uncomfortale - I hate it in the theater when you
are a captive audience.  Want to smoke pot? walk away from the shelter.  


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