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[at-l] Re: In-step crampons source info

Bachelor boB said:
 So, if anyone knows of a mail-order or web page source for such,
please forward the ph#/URL.  My neck will appreciate it.

I know someone else mentioned Campmor as a source and they're right - if
you don't find it on their web page it's in their "Gift 1997" catalogue
p115, listed under Winter Footwear as

     Climb High Instep Crampon
     4 pt crampon w/nylon straps
     P/N 33054-G	$29.99
     Call 1-800-CAMPMOR to order

Hope this helps.  I know I bought mine about 8 years ago at EMS here and
they've saved my butt (literally!) several times!

Debbie Smith

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