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Re: [at-l] water bottles

In a message dated 97-11-22 10:57:15 EST, ddgould@necc.org writes:

<< I'd love to hear any solutions to this
 problem and winter-hiking water management in general. >>

I had a few occasions this spring when the water got lots of ice crystals in
it, but it was always drinkable.  I was at a shelter one night (along with
about 20 other hikers) when it dropped down to about 18 degrees.  One of the
hikers (Stray Goose) advised me to "bury" my water bag under a pile of
leaves, then proceeded to do it for me.  After thinking about it, he added
his water bag to mine and piled even more leaves around and on top - he had a
pretty big mound when he finished, maybe about 3-4 ft high and 3-4' in
diameter.  Next morning we were the only ones with unfrozen water.  I think
my water filter didn't work at this point and I was using iodine, but I would
imagine the filter would freeze up in a hurry.


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