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Re: [at-l] water bottles

YO Gang		

	It's hard to beat plastic soda bottles for use as water bottles.
They come in all sizes and shapes to fit your needs. My Dromedary bag is
real neat but its so heavy I put it on the shelf with my other neat
stuff that I do not use very much. I used to be a heavy user of Nalgene
bottles for water also. They are sturdy (nice thought when you are
sleeping with your winter water supply) and can stand freezeing without
breaking. A mild clorox rinse/soak has always taken care of any odor
problems for me. Now I generaly carry only one 1/2 liter Nalgene bottle
and a soda can type insulator. This is used as my insulated coffe cup,
dried food soaker bottle and as a water bottle. Also don't forget how
great a nalgene bottle works as a hot water bottle! This little trick
can turn a night of cold restless sleep into a much more pleasant night.
Yes I have been caught unprepared for the weather!

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