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[at-l] Nubuck vs Smooth

I have had Campmore send me three boots all by Vasque and all in 8 wide:
Superhiker II, Sundowner, and Thru Hiker.  Couple of questions.  First, my
old pair of Sundowners lasted about 10 years.  In fact, the leather is
still great even though the tread is pretty much gone and I can no longer
wear thick socks with them or use any kind of a real insole (I have a
W-I-D-E foot).  My only problem with them was that they were cut a little
low for me.  I like a little higher boot for the ankle support and water
repellancy.  That is why I ordered the Superhiker and Thru Hiker.  They
seem to be the same boot except for the Thru Hiker's GoreTex layer- a must
in the SouthEast.  They all fit quite well and will improve with wear.
Question: Will the nubuck in the Superhiker or ThruHiker last as long as
the leather on the Sundowner?  These are expensive shoes and I'd like them
to last!

Also, the ThruHiker has a spot of delamination right out of the box!  It is
in the arch, on the inside, between the midsole and the thin outermost
sole, about an inch long and an inch deep.  (Looks like no adhesive ever
made it to that particular spot.)  Do these boots have a reputation of
delaminating?  Should I send them back or get them fixed locally- it'd only
be a couple of bucks at a local cobbler?  Other than that the quality is
striking; very good.

John Brewer, Huntsville, AL

  "He who is good at making excuses, is seldom good at anything else."
      - Benjamin Franklin

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