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Re: [at-l] water bottles

>I usually sleep with my water. And if that doesn't work use some 
>water for thawing. 

I think sleeping with the filter is about the easiest option to prevent
freezing at night. What about during the day? I've had water freeze in my
back. Fortunately, almost all the water was out of the filter so it
didn't crack but the shaft was stuck. It thawed out under my jacket.

In freezing weather, I carry my bottles up side down so the ice forms in
the bottom rather than around the pull top. I've had to hold the pull top
in my mouth to thaw it out so I could open the bottle for a drink. 

Has anybody tried those little heat packets? I read the ad on one that
claims it will heat to 135F for up to 7 hours. For a buck and one ounce
these could be worth while IF they perform as advertized. I plan to
experiment with these for boot unfreezers. I have to wait til my wife
isn't around before I put my boots in the freezer.  Hopeful
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