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Re: [at-l] water bottles

I get the same smell with all my bike water bottles too! I just keep them as 
clean as I can and ignore the smell.  I figure if the smell bothers me too 
much I must not be peddling hard enough...
When I biked across Iowa, I just used a 50/50 mox of juice and water, it 
covered up the smell...
The key also is to keep them clean all the time.  Don't let them sit with old 
water in them, don't let them sit for long periods of time with the lids on 
period, let them air out.  They really stink after a long winter, being closed 
up in a box in the garage...  I guess we all would... 


PS. I have since switched to a camelback.

> Hi All,
> Nalgene water bottles are going to have a funny smell and taste for a
> long period of time.  Nalgene is a polymer and is fairly rigid, so it
> is blended with a plasticizer.  The plasticizer give the water its
> distinctive smell and taste.  Eventually all of the plasticizer will
> leach out of the bottle and the bottle will turn brittle.  
> The bottles are approved for use as water bottles etc. and the
> plasticizer will not harm you.  I would recommend soaking the bottle
> overnight in warm water and dish washing liquid.  This will cut down
> on the smell and taste. 
> Bob Dudley
> Grey Owl
> rdudley@arserrc.gov
> Heavy rain tonoight and tomorrow.  Maybe I can hike Sunday.
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