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Re: [at-l] Hiking the AT and Significant Others Conflict

Getting your SO involved with the planning and also the execution may help.
during the thru hike there are many opportunities (depending on her time 
availability) for her to participate.  If she is a backpacker she can join you 
on certain stretches (if she were a true BPer she would better understand your
need to do this) or she could slack pack you and join you in the evening at a 
motel or B&B.  

Your paying the rent does not equivalate to your being there and may seem to 
her that you are putting a dollar value on your relationship in that it is 
nothing more than an expense sharing arrangement.  Make her understand that 
this seperation will be hard for you too but this is something you have to do 
and you want her involved in this just like anything else in your lives.

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