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[at-l] Re: Brinks Rd Bear.....

<<Some people leave food out for the bears, some try to feed the bears in
person, all which changes the bears perspective of a backpacker.  He/she is no
longer just another animal, they are now classified as a food source.>>

I'm going to make you bear another bad pun but Russ is dead right.  In the
GSMNP the BP'r is seen a a bearer of food.  The brightly colored bags we carry
are an attractant too.

A ranger told me years ago that they tried to discourage bears from taking
handouts bu giving them food laced with something to make the bear puke. 
After a while, the bears quite taking food from the rangers.  They then
switched to laced hershey bars given by rangers in street clothes.  The bears
quit taking hershey bars.

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