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Re: [at-l] water bottles

In a message dated 97-11-20 08:48:21 EST, jdsawyer@bu.edu writes:

<< Here's another one of those "back to the basics" question for y'all.  All
 my water bottles are the Nalgene hard plastic (smokey grey translucent)
 except one that is a Nalgene white one that seems to be of a softer plastic.
 Well that one makes my water taste like plastic.  It's horrible.  I've tried
 baking soda, hot water, salt water, dish detergent, you name it.  Any ideas
 how to make this awful plastic smell/taste go away??? >>

I'd say you probably can't do anything about it so just get rid of it.  I had
one and when I went to buy a couple more the clerk told me the smokey grey
bottles didn't retain flavors such as kool aid, so I just chucked the white
one.  After hiking long distance, however, I now swear by evian or soda
bottles.  Just weigh one and then the nalgene, and you will agree.  It's as
good a place as any to cut a few ounces.  I thought I'd miss the oz. markers
but I didn't.

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