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Re: ATML Re: [at-l] Any thru hikers still on trail?

I previously had told you that there were two southbound hikers with a German
Shepherd dog who stayed at my hotel on Nov 14.  The dog's name is Chopper,
and the guy's names are Liam Sullivan whose trail name is Lightfoot.  The
other hiker is named Bob Carson with a trail name of Gypsy Man. The south
bound hiker who stayed at my hotel last night, Nov 17 uses the trail name of
"Coop mega 97", and Coop Mega 97 told me to post to the ATML that "Trailvis"
of Knoxville was ahead of him by 1 or 2 days.  "Solowe" ,"Silverfeet", and
"Schrew" and "Milo" are behind  "Coop Mega" about one week????  "Milo" is a
dog.  They are flip-flopping.  Also Alan "Private H" ? was behind 

I had told many of the hikers who stayed here  that I was on the ATML, and if
there were any messages they would like to send to the hiking community, that
I would be happy to post the messages for them.  

I believe Chopper intended for me to post what he had written in our hiker's
photo register, so here goes: "11/15  "Chopper" + "Lightfoot" had a great
rest here,  thanks to the Fines.  "Lightfoot" votes "Uptown" sexiest hiker of
the register and I said "Otter" was the cutest.  If "Uptown" ever passes
through here again, I know  "Lightfoot" would love to meet you, heres his
address: Liam "Lightfoot" Sullivan, 482 Darby-Milford Road, Orange, CT 06477.
 He included his telephone number, but I do not personally think it would be
wise to post it to the list.  However, if "Uptown" were to call or email me,
I would give it to her.  And  then he wrote:"Peace and love to all the

All I can say is that I was one of the few people who actually got to meet
the "Invisible Woman" who stayed at my hotel.  She would not Iet me take her
photo for the register,. because she wanted to be a mystery, but I must say
that I have seen many gorgeous women, and the "Invisible Woman" is in a class
by herself.

Is it possible that a budding romance between "Uptown" and "Lightfoot" could
become a reality?  Wingfoot, you might want to consider adding a "personal
romance" area to your website.  Isn't love grand?  Also, as I am sure you
know already, you may edit this post to conform to your  high standards of
propriety, I would like to suggest that you lighten up a bit; the holidays
are coming very soon.

Here is an offer to "Uptown" and "Chopper": In the  spitit of true romance,
if both of them contact me, I will give them a free weekend or two night stay
at my hotel for the sole purpose of being able to hike the Appalachian Trail
together, provided they make advance reservations, and based on availability
of units.  I also promise never to divulge what the sleeping arrangements
might be to any other people.

Ira M. Fine, owner of Fine Lodging, 700 Main Street, PA Route 873, PO Box 2,
Slatington, PA 18080-0002  (610) 760-0700  fax # (610) 767-3521
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