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[at-l] live mortar,dead mortem

Jim Grate wrote:
> Hmmm -
> "14 live mortar rounds removed from Dolly Sods Wilderness"
> Hmm - no offense to Felix, but does this bring a new meaning to walking
> softly in the Wilderness or is this another method to control/scare the
> bears?

I've divided this, multiplied by pi, added 2,160, attached logarithmic 
values, sines and cosines... I can't figure out how I could possibly be 
offended by this. BUT, I was almost offended by the way Will Strickland 
was badmouthing my boy, Billy Ray Bob. He ain't 8 or 9. He's 12. And he's 
one of the best four-wheeler ridin, whiskey drinkin teens I've ever seen. 
And, when he gets out of the third grade, he's gonna start workin' on his 
grammer. Remind me to tell you what he said on his last birthday. God 
love 'em.

Pomegranites, get yer Pomegranites.


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