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[at-l] VT -> VA

Hello Hiking Ham Radio Friends.

	This Thursday I will be driving from Vermont to Williamsburg, VA.  
to pick up from college my daughter and friends.  Starting back to Vermont 
Friday mid afternoon.  On past trips some of us have talked via ham
radio, 2m or 70cm, when I pasted though their areas.  Real voice trail
chat is a lot of fun.  If anyone else would like to join in let me know
via email and I'll send you the trip plan. 

	My friend Mike N1JEZ is also coming and we plan to make AO 27
satellite contacts Thursday, on the road, and Friday from William & Mary
College, Williamsburg, VA.  Satellite trail chat could be a first. 

Take care.....
Beau Bushor N1MJD FN34jl
     "bleeder guy"

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