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Re: [at-l] Any thru hikers still on trail?

Robert and Catherine Rubin wrote:
> John,
> Don't know if this answers your question. It's part of a message I got from Rockdancer (GA>ME '97):
From one of Rockdancer's journal entries (which I just finished sending
to Wingfoot last night) he noted that Mr. Clean is "on a yo-yo mission"
heading south for Springer. I'm curious if he's still out there,
especially with the bad weather they got farther north (here in Mass.
the snow hasn't melted yet). We'll be in Vermont next weekend (Spruce
Peak) so I'll check the cabin register to see if he's made it that far
south, but I doubt it because he was in the 100 mile wilderness in Maine
in mid-October and I don't think he's past the White yet (unless he got
a ride farther south). I'll let the list know what I find out next

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