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Re: [at-l] Any thru hikers still on trail?


Don't know if this answers your question. It's part of a message I got from
Rockdancer (GA>ME '97):

>I left Millinocket today (Nov 13) after spending 10 days greeting the
>end-of-the-line thru hikers. I was able to do some trail magic for
>Willow, BearBones, Yokel, Peggy O, Ben McQueen, Coyotey, Lazy Daisy and
>Wings of Desire. There is perhaps one other on the trail, Lifesaver Sam,
>but I had no idea when he'd finish. It's already winter here, in the
>20's some days, Katahdin is white with snow and ice. The group that went
>up yesterday had a slippin' and slidin' time on the trail but no
>injuries. Soon the trail won't be climbable (it's been officially closed
>for a couple of weeks).

So, it sounds as if the Class of 97 is about through. When I summitted on
10/11 (along with five others) the rangers at Daicey Pond had a record of
about 370 thru-hikers having climbed Katahdin.

--Rhymin' Worm GA>ME '97
(Robert Rubin)

>I'm forwarding this as it is a question John had intended for the list.
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>Date: Mon, 17 Nov 97 11:19:26 -0500
>From: jgood@brooktrout.com
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>     I tried posting a message on the Appalachian Trail discussion list but
>     was unsuccessful.  I was curious to know how many Appalachian Trail
>     through hikers there are still on the trail at this time.  Northern
>     New England has gotten some nasty weather in the last couple of weeks
>     and I'm wondering how the hikers are coping -- or have they all
>     flip-flopped their hiking by now?  The only through hikers I saw all
>     summer were at Mahoosuc Notch in August.
>     John Good wjg@brooktrout.com
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