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[at-l] Re: ATML Winter in New England

At the Lehigh Gap section of the AT in Pennsylvania, it is 30 degrees at 10
AM and the sun is shining brightly, although the sky is mostly cloudy.  All
of the roads are clear and dry.  

Last night was a completely different story, though.  We had freezing rain
and sleet and some light hail, and most of the trees were covered with a
layer of ice which weighed down branches and made the trees look like
something from a Christmas card with the  lights glistening on the ice.
 Although there were a several fender bender accidents, mostly due to reduced
stopping distances, as people forget how to drive in sleet and freezing rain
conditions each year and this was our first dose of this kind of weather for
this year, the actual road conditions were not too bad.

Ira M Fine, 700 Main St., PA Route 873, Slatington, PA 18080 (610) 760-0700
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